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“The Librarian”

Holy moly! Many moons ago, Ryan and I actually sat through the made-for-tv movie The Librarian: Quest for the Spear, which stars that cutie from ER, Noah Wyle. Of course I had to watch it—it’s about a librarian who saves the world, after all! How much more kick-butt could a librarian be?

One would think that, having sat through the original monstrosity, we would have learned our lesson and stayed clear of the sequel. But no. When The Librarian: Return to King Solomon’s Mines came on the other night, we willingly cozied up on the couch to watch. At 11:00, about an hour into it, we gave up and called it a night.

But now (and I’m slightly embarrassed to admit this) I kinda want to see the rest! It’s a weird phenomenon—while you’re actually watching, you know it’s cheesy and ridiculous, but upon reflection, you think you may have indeed enjoyed it.

(It’s probably just Noah’s adorable face that’s throwing off my judgment.)


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I forgot to mention my love for the late, great television series Roswell. See, I do like some sci-fi! Before you make any snide comments such as, “that’s not real science fiction!” I would have to disagree. I mean, those teen aliens came from pods, man! Pods! And there was even an obelisk-type thing that could beam one into outer space, with the right crystal, of course.  Lots of cool super-alien-powers, too! The best is that Ryan owns the whole DVD set (thus, why I became a fan!)

I must ask—has anyone out there actually read the Roswell High series by Melinda Metz that this show was based on?  If so, what are your opinions?  It got lousy reviews…

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A Cabinet of Her Own

I’m so grown up! Today I bought my first filing cabinet, and boy do I feel organized! You’d think as a librarian I’d have my crap together, right? Well, I did—sort of. I had implemented the “three-ring binder with clear plastic pockets” system a few years ago, and it did an OK job for a while. But I later found I wanted nothing to do with those slippery pockets and ever-expanding binders, and instead all my important and not-so-important documents landed in a precarious tower of confusion (the “to-file mountain,” if you will.) The kicker was when I thought I’d lost a bunch of wedding planning information. Turns out it was hiding in the mountain. Something had to be done!

I took over the living room and spent most of this beautiful Sunday arranging paperwork, making labels, chucking old stuff, etc. with Walking with Prehistoric Beasts, and later, Time Bandits, on in the background. (I paid enough attention to know that there is no such thing as a saber-toothed tiger—it’s a saber-toothed cat and its scientific name is the sweet-sounding “Smilodon”—and that Napoleon in Time Bandits is played by a much younger Ian Holm of Bilbo Baggins fame.) Now my trusty two-drawer metal filing cabinet (that’s right, metal…the real thing!) is stationed like a shining hero by my desk-side, and everything I need is just a label away. What a much-needed dose of organization therapy!

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Double Dose of Disney

Last night myself, my fiance, and my almost-nephew Chas parked ourselves on the couch to watch High School Musical 2. Chas (age 12) had already seen it two nights previous on opening day, but Ryan and I were catching it for the first time, and we were embarrassingly eager to do so. As poor Chas tried to sing along (in his defense, it was the sing-along edition with the lyrics displayed karaoke-style), Ryan shushed him several times in a manner usually reserved for staunch, old-school librarians. I guess we successfully squelched Chas’s childlike energy, because the next thing we knew, he had passed out. That left the two of us to enjoy the cheesy, contrived plot, overly produced songs, and kick-butt dance numbers in a distraction-free environment. Of course, by the end I was singing along myself (only to be told “sssshhhhh!” by my husband-to-be.)

Tonight we took Chas to see Ratatouille, and I was thrilled that this was the flick he chose to watch (it helped that we deemed Superbad and Knocked Up as inappropriate for a 12-year-old who’s not our own.) This movie not only made me salivate due to all the scrumptious food the characters prepared, but I laughed out loud throughout it and almost shed a few tears, as well. The CGI animation was absolutely incredible, the characters likable (and humorously detestable), and, though it was somewhat slow at times, the overall movie was extremely butt-kicking! I was afraid maybe the humor was too adult for Chas’s liking, but he said he enjoyed it and, when pressed for a grade by his crazy future-aunt (me!), he gave it a B.

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Enough Already

This is so sad. A public library in Pickens County (SC), has canceled its Summer Reading Program for teens due to accusations from the public that the programs condoned witchcraft. Read about it here.

I was already riled up after reading about Laura Mallory’s crusade against Harry Potter in Gwinnett County (GA). This is her fourth loss in court, but Mallory is on a mission, planning to bring her case before federal court. American Libraries reports

I must say, I’m dying to get my hands on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when it comes out on July 21 (we’re even throwing a Harry Potter Party at the library) and I can’t wait to see the new movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!

Strange, though—I haven’t yet learned how to cast a magic spell, even after devouring all those Harry Potter books and movies. Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to enjoy them for the stories they are!

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Discovery Channel’s “Planet Earth”

Planet Earth is the coolest nature series I’ve seen since BBC’s Blue Planet. What a great reminder of what an amazing world we live in! The footage is rare and absolutely mesmerizing. I have an old school TV that’s quite small by today’s standards, so I can’t even imagine what a breathtaking experience this must be on an HD large screen. I ended up taping the first three episodes, which aired this past Sunday, as they conflicted with the finale of You’re the One That I Want (I swear I’m not one of those reality TV addicts–I just happen to like Grease and was a musical junkie in my teens.) Click here for a description of all 11 episodes, which air on consecutive Sundays from March 25 through April 22.

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“Charlie & The Chocolate Factory”: A Tasty Morsel of Off-Beat Humor

I finally watched Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. So many people had warned me against it that I wasn’t in any real rush to see it. I should also mention that I was not a huge fan of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, the 70’s cult classic and a favorite flick among my peers. Am I the only one who experienced nightmares as a child from that psychedelic tunnel scene? “There’s no earthly way of knowing…” [shudder!] Ironic tidbit of useless information–that song was the only one in the entire movie taken directly from the book.

I have always loved Roald Dahl, however, and I fondly remember hearing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory read aloud to my class in elementary school. So I snatched the DVD out of the teen room a month or two ago, kept it out long past its due date, and popped it in last night to watch with my boyfriend, who had seen it before and deemed it both “heartwarming” and”annoying.”

Maybe it’s because I’ve been a die-hard Johnny Depp fan since birth; maybe it’s because Tim Burton is such an imaginative artist, or because Danny Elfman’s scores always rock my socks off–whatever it was, I definitely dug this movie! Sure the Oompa-Loompa songs were a little off the wall. But the fact that the characters actually conversed about how weird it was that their musical extravaganzas appeared to be rehearsed somehow made these scenes tolerable and even humorous. The Puppet Burn and Recovery Center? The brace-faced young Willy walking through the Flags of the World museum? “I haven’t seen bicuspids like these since…” Little details like these are what sealed the deal for this Wonka loving librarian!

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