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On Hiatus!

I just thought I’d post to let any passerby know that I’m on hiatus from Kick Butt for the time being (and obviously have been for a while now!) I’m expecting a baby girl on May 11, and have had a bit of a knock-you-on-your-bottom 8 months of pregnancy thus far. I keep stumbling on great material I want to blog about, but never make it to the essential step of actually posting anything.  I’ll see you when I regain my body and my brain.  In the meantime, my best to all you kick butt librarians out there!


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Feel like wasting some time and having a good laugh? Go to and have at it!

Thanks, kick butt librarian Richelle, for sharing!

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What are Library Services Really Worth?

Quickly see how much you’d be paying out of pocket for a variety of services if not for the free public library!  Check out Chelmsford Public Library’s Library Use Value Calculator, a cool tool that kick butt librarian Jaclyn brought back from the TLA conference in Dallas this year.  May be especially helpful for a City Council meeting,  during budget times, or when you need a reminder that what you do really matters!

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“The Librarian”

Holy moly! Many moons ago, Ryan and I actually sat through the made-for-tv movie The Librarian: Quest for the Spear, which stars that cutie from ER, Noah Wyle. Of course I had to watch it—it’s about a librarian who saves the world, after all! How much more kick-butt could a librarian be?

One would think that, having sat through the original monstrosity, we would have learned our lesson and stayed clear of the sequel. But no. When The Librarian: Return to King Solomon’s Mines came on the other night, we willingly cozied up on the couch to watch. At 11:00, about an hour into it, we gave up and called it a night.

But now (and I’m slightly embarrassed to admit this) I kinda want to see the rest! It’s a weird phenomenon—while you’re actually watching, you know it’s cheesy and ridiculous, but upon reflection, you think you may have indeed enjoyed it.

(It’s probably just Noah’s adorable face that’s throwing off my judgment.)

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Peep Research

Happy belated Easter, everyone!  For some giggles, take a look at this university library’s extensive study of Peeps (yes, those tasty marshmallow creatures) and library usage.  View the full study here.

Kick butt librarian Lori gets credit for this find.  Thanks, Lori!

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11 Straight Days

I know, I know…I’m whining again—sort of. I’ve worked 10 straight days, about to be 11. AND it’s spring break, so the place is a madhouse! It’s just so beautiful outside here in north Texas. Today is the first day of Spring. The sun is a’shining, the birds are a’chirping. Why, oh why, do so many families want to spend hours upon hours at the library playing Internet video games and checking Myspace?? It’s an interesting phenomenon, the lure of the Internet. Still, I continue to enjoy my day job immensely!

On another note, I started writing a puppet show version of the Hare and the Tortoise this evening, based on the retelling by Helen Ward. As far as the narrative goes, it’s not the best version out there, but it was the only one available, and I’m gonna make it work.

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A Busy Bee!

I’ve been busy, busy, busy at work and at life. I’ve been doing some very interesting research on Frisco and Texas history for a museum we are frantically trying to open. Ryan and I have also been spending some quality time planning the wedding (we registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond today—we spent hours wielding that sweet magic wand, scanning everything our hearts desired!) I added another cool book blog to my links, one that my my friend Dave sent me—The New York Times’ Paper Cuts. Enjoy!

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