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Knol: Google’s Wikipedia

According to Google, “a knol is an authoritative article about a specific topic.”  Read all about Google’s answer to the online, user-edited encyclopedia at ABC News.

The actual Knol site is right here.

I like the idea, of course.  I lost a lot of faith in Wikipedia when I was looking for information about Dance Dance Revolution and learned that it’s a game involving used contraceptives.  Knol is pretty darn new to the scene, so I guess time will tell how many butts on the kick butt scale it will earn.

Thanks to kick butt and very tech-savvy Adam for sharing!


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Summer Reading Program: Over & Done With!

I know I shouldn’t be this jubilant, but I am! After 6 weeks of programming-on-crack for babies through teens, I need the break. I’m getting weak in my old age, people!

We have survived a summer of record attendance. By week two, we handed out more reading logs than we had passed out during all 9 weeks of last summer’s reading program. We’re still handing our logs, and last I checked, we’ve given out 5700+ to kids 11 and under. For the 12 and up crowd, we’re closing in on 1000!

I gave these and other impressive numbers to a reporter from the Dallas Morning News who was working on a story about people using their libraries more this summer than usual due to “economic” reasons. Now, I’m pretty sure the situation at Frisco has more to do with the huge influx of new residents, half of which are under 18, and of course the simple fact that we kick mucho butt. Here’s the article as published, where we are mentioned briefly:

In economic slump, more flocking to North Texas libraries

I also took a cool picture on my new phone today of our library’s fourth floor, as viewed from the fifth floor “lookout”:

A bird's-eye view of the fourth floor

A bird's-eye view of the fourth floor

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