I forgot to mention my love for the late, great television series Roswell. See, I do like some sci-fi! Before you make any snide comments such as, “that’s not real science fiction!” I would have to disagree. I mean, those teen aliens came from pods, man! Pods! And there was even an obelisk-type thing that could beam one into outer space, with the right crystal, of course.  Lots of cool super-alien-powers, too! The best is that Ryan owns the whole DVD set (thus, why I became a fan!)

I must ask—has anyone out there actually read the Roswell High series by Melinda Metz that this show was based on?  If so, what are your opinions?  It got lousy reviews…



  1. I haven’t read the books, but I loved the TV series, too! I was very sad when it went off the air. And utterly devastated by the episode in which Liz tricks Max (I’m being vague to avoid spoiling for anyone).

  2. Roswell said

    the series was great, best regards for all fans

  3. ashini ashell said

    i love roswell like to be friend of them

  4. Brian said

    yes i own the first book and i have seasons one through three witch is the compleate set i heard abot season 4 but thres not much episodes might make it into a movie called life after rosswell

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