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Peep Research

Happy belated Easter, everyone!  For some giggles, take a look at this university library’s extensive study of Peeps (yes, those tasty marshmallow creatures) and library usage.  View the full study here.

Kick butt librarian Lori gets credit for this find.  Thanks, Lori!


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Check Out Kindle!

Thanks to my kick butt librarian friend Teresa for pointing this out…

Oh my! The time has finally come, my librarian friends. The book as we know it will soon be dead.

Naaah, I still don’t think books will ever disappear, but for those technophiles out there, this electronic book reader from Amazon looks like a pretty nifty catch! Watch the video here.

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11 Straight Days

I know, I know…I’m whining again—sort of. I’ve worked 10 straight days, about to be 11. AND it’s spring break, so the place is a madhouse! It’s just so beautiful outside here in north Texas. Today is the first day of Spring. The sun is a’shining, the birds are a’chirping. Why, oh why, do so many families want to spend hours upon hours at the library playing Internet video games and checking Myspace?? It’s an interesting phenomenon, the lure of the Internet. Still, I continue to enjoy my day job immensely!

On another note, I started writing a puppet show version of the Hare and the Tortoise this evening, based on the retelling by Helen Ward. As far as the narrative goes, it’s not the best version out there, but it was the only one available, and I’m gonna make it work.

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