So Tired…

All these people were out last week.  I ended up doing 14 programs in 5 days.  And I have a head cold and can’t properly breathe.  Yes, I’m whining.  Thank you for indulging me!



  1. FMAA said

    O, the irony! “Can’t breathe properly” – and here I was advising you to “just breathe” in my previous comment. Then making fun of people who give that advice. And you agreeing how idiotic that advice is. And now here I am advising you, yet again:

    Just BREATHE!

    Because you really seem to have forgotten how!

    Now I remember why squids are my favorite of all the squishy underwater invertebrates.

    Whatever yer sufferin’ from, it sure can’t be irony-poor blood. But just to be safe, better add more irony to your diet.

    And are you taking you sarcasm supplements?

  2. Lisa said

    So, you survived!? I really feel bad for you…you better take it easy this weekend. No talking, singing, and reading books aloud! Just rest!!

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