A Cabinet of Her Own

I’m so grown up! Today I bought my first filing cabinet, and boy do I feel organized! You’d think as a librarian I’d have my crap together, right? Well, I did—sort of. I had implemented the “three-ring binder with clear plastic pockets” system a few years ago, and it did an OK job for a while. But I later found I wanted nothing to do with those slippery pockets and ever-expanding binders, and instead all my important and not-so-important documents landed in a precarious tower of confusion (the “to-file mountain,” if you will.) The kicker was when I thought I’d lost a bunch of wedding planning information. Turns out it was hiding in the mountain. Something had to be done!

I took over the living room and spent most of this beautiful Sunday arranging paperwork, making labels, chucking old stuff, etc. with Walking with Prehistoric Beasts, and later, Time Bandits, on in the background. (I paid enough attention to know that there is no such thing as a saber-toothed tiger—it’s a saber-toothed cat and its scientific name is the sweet-sounding “Smilodon”—and that Napoleon in Time Bandits is played by a much younger Ian Holm of Bilbo Baggins fame.) Now my trusty two-drawer metal filing cabinet (that’s right, metal…the real thing!) is stationed like a shining hero by my desk-side, and everything I need is just a label away. What a much-needed dose of organization therapy!


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