FAB: Celebrating the Big One!

Tonight marked the first anniversary of the current incarnation of FAB, the teen Frisco Advisory Board at the library. FAB had been on hiatus for a while at the time I was hired on. A few months after moving to the new building, it was time to start again. New members, a new leader (me!), and all of us a little clueless! Thanks to supportive coworkers, some great listservs (like TAGAD-L), and a regularly attending group of teens who are just spilling with great ideas, we managed to succeed as a team.

We’re still learning, but we’ve accomplished much in our first year. Since September, we’ve been putting on monthly Saturday programs for teens, and we now have an Executive Board. FAB has advised us to purchase Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero II, and Karaoke SingStar—now they’re all about Rock Band. We’re now looking to make the world a little bit happier by getting involved in group service work. And next month we tackle our most challenging endeavor to date—the Teen Open Mic program.

Happy Birthday FAB!

Tonight, after attending to business, we stuffed ourselves with Happy Birthday FAB cake (delish!) and played some Guitar Hero II to celebrate our special day. I feel so privileged to have these kids in my life, and I’m excited to see how we grow as a group in the future.


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