I’d Rather be Reading

So, Ryan and I finally decided to join the gym. Frisco just built this insane new facility, the Frisco Athletic Center, and membership is free for city employees if you go 10 times per month, an enticing deal for penny-pinchers like us. After shooting hoops for a while, I got on my favorite workout apparatus—the elliptical machine. Of course, as I’m sweating and panting and my heart rate is soaring well past the healthy range (it was literally off the charts!) I’m thinking the usual. That’s right—I’d rather be reading.

At one point I glanced to my right, and a few machines down I spotted this dude somehow balancing a book in both hands and running like a madman. I’ve seen this feat performed before, when I belonged to a gym during my brief stint in Richmond, VA, but I’m always stunned when I witness it. I can barely adjust the volume on my headset while walking at a snail’s pace without falling off the machine, and here’s this guy gracefully reading and flipping pages while sprinting. Forget losing weight or toning muscles. My goal is to one day master the beautiful balancing act of working out to a good read!

Now that I’m in bed—and about to lie relatively still—I can’t wait to get back to Trenton Lee Stewart’s The Mysterious Benedict Society. It’s a young adult novel that made the Texas Library Association’s 2008-2009 Lone Star Reading List, and I am enjoying it immensely!


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  1. Adrienne said

    I can read while I ride the exercise bike, but I can’t do it on the elliptical or the treadmill, which is probably why I am most often found on the bike. I like the elliptical machines workout-wise, though, and sometimes ride them while listening to my trusty iPod. I notice that I tend to work out longer if I can read, though.

    There should be special gyms for people who love books. They could design everything for us in mind. 🙂

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