I Survived…

…the 4th annual Frisco Storytelling Festival! This yearly event takes months to prepare for (more like the entire year for some!) For those not in the know (like myself, before I took this librarian job!), storytelling festivals have nothing to do with storytime at the library. Instead, we’re talking dramatic performances sort of akin to one-man theater or stand-up comedy, and directed not at young children, but at older children and adults. This year we had four featured storytellers, and I had the wonderful opportunity to emcee for three of them (all except the Emmy Award winning Bobby Norfolk) at Friday’s Field Trip Day for all the one million fourth graders of Frisco. I have to say, Beth Horner—the only woman storyteller this year—was such a lovely and kind person. She was giving me encouragement and applause throughout the Field Trip Day concerts, and was just super-sweet and funny as could be.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see any of the storytellers’ concerts during Saturday daytime, nor did I catch any of the 19 student tellers I helped train throughout the months leading up to the Festival. That’s because I spent the day manning the Puppet Show Tent (directed at toddlers and preschoolers, who definitely wouldn’t “get” the storytellers) with my kick-butt compadre Misty and four of my favorite teen volunteers. After 6 half-hour performances at the top of each hour to a total of 1,117 people, the six of us were just about ready to drop dead!

Still—though beaten, tired, sick, and hungry—I can safely say we all had a great time, and truly felt a sense of accomplishment after wrapping up another outstanding Festival!

Want to know more about our featured tellers? Check out their websites:

Beth Horner


Doug Lipman


David Novak


Bobby Norfolk


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