Miss Stephanie Sightings

It’s true—I do sometimes go out and about to run errands, eat at restaurants, fill up my gas tank, etc. During these special missions of mine, I am often “spotted” by storytime kids or the adults accompanying them. A few of the funnier examples, starting with tonight:

  • I’m in line for yet another prescription drug at CVS. Ahead of me to my right is a rowdy cutie I recognize from the library; he doesn’t seem to notice me while he’s doing 360’s and swinging a wooden cane around his head. His screaming rubs off on all the kids around him, and then mom tries to quiet him down by out-voluming him. I close my eyes and take a deep breath, trying to shake the feeling that wherever I go, I can’t escape the kids’ floor of the library. I’m brought back to reality when a pleasant voice off to my left says almost the same thing I’m thinking: “You can’t get away from these screaming kids, can you?” She and her toddler son are also storytime frequenters who recognize me. I’m surrounded!
  • I’m in Target, heading out the door with my main squeeze Ryan. Suddenly, a man starts running toward me, yelling, “Wait! Hold up!” I look around, wondering if he’s talking to me, as I can’t place his face. I have a moment of panic (“What’s the crazy guy want?!!”) before he asks his burning question: “Are you the storytime lady?” When I answer in the affirmative, he exclaims, “I knew it!” Meanwhile, wife (looking somewhat embarrassed) and kid approach. Apparently, he’s won a bet with his wife because I am indeed the storytime lady, and she couldn’t identify me from afar. Glad to help out your cause, sir!

I am honored to be a miniature local celebrity, of course. In a city of 90,000, 50% of whom are 10 years old or younger, I’m certainly bound to run into my little patrons wherever I turn. But I’m thinking I may have to find a more remote drug store from which to buy my “personal” (aka. womanly) items, or just shop incognito really late at night.


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  1. Lisa said

    That so funny!!! I have had that experience a few times, more often in Wal-Mart than anywhere else (oh, yeah…you don’t shop at Wal-Mart, hehe!) Anyways…I think you have forever forged yourself with the children of Frisco, good luck with that! =)

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