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Miss Stephanie Sightings

It’s true—I do sometimes go out and about to run errands, eat at restaurants, fill up my gas tank, etc. During these special missions of mine, I am often “spotted” by storytime kids or the adults accompanying them. A few of the funnier examples, starting with tonight:

  • I’m in line for yet another prescription drug at CVS. Ahead of me to my right is a rowdy cutie I recognize from the library; he doesn’t seem to notice me while he’s doing 360’s and swinging a wooden cane around his head. His screaming rubs off on all the kids around him, and then mom tries to quiet him down by out-voluming him. I close my eyes and take a deep breath, trying to shake the feeling that wherever I go, I can’t escape the kids’ floor of the library. I’m brought back to reality when a pleasant voice off to my left says almost the same thing I’m thinking: “You can’t get away from these screaming kids, can you?” She and her toddler son are also storytime frequenters who recognize me. I’m surrounded!
  • I’m in Target, heading out the door with my main squeeze Ryan. Suddenly, a man starts running toward me, yelling, “Wait! Hold up!” I look around, wondering if he’s talking to me, as I can’t place his face. I have a moment of panic (“What’s the crazy guy want?!!”) before he asks his burning question: “Are you the storytime lady?” When I answer in the affirmative, he exclaims, “I knew it!” Meanwhile, wife (looking somewhat embarrassed) and kid approach. Apparently, he’s won a bet with his wife because I am indeed the storytime lady, and she couldn’t identify me from afar. Glad to help out your cause, sir!

I am honored to be a miniature local celebrity, of course. In a city of 90,000, 50% of whom are 10 years old or younger, I’m certainly bound to run into my little patrons wherever I turn. But I’m thinking I may have to find a more remote drug store from which to buy my “personal” (aka. womanly) items, or just shop incognito really late at night.


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The Seattle Public Library

I went to Seattle with my man for the first time two weekends ago , and am finally together enough to sit down and update my blog. I can’t wait to share my awesome pictures of the Seattle Public Library! The Central Library, designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, opened in 2004. Check out articles about its opening and some amazing photos from The Seattle Times.

Seattle Public Library

You can view my personal photos of this awesome library here.

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