mad [information] scientist

There are so many better things I could be doing. But this insane work of art was my calling tonight.

Listen here, if you dare: mad [information] scientist

stephanie, the crazed keyboardist

(This song is also available for download on my music site at Soundclick.)



  1. Richard Colucci said

    Hi Steph

    I loved your poem. You definitely are a mad information scientist. What a wonderful array of jobs you have in the library. Good luck and continued success.

    Uncle Rich

  2. Lisa said

    OH MY HECK!!! That is freaking hilarous!!! You so need to play that at the next staff meeting. What the heck, play it in the intercom system for the whole library to hear!! Everyone would die!

  3. Colleen said

    Steph, your mad song rocks – It is very Ladytron-esque!
    Thank you for sharing your talents with us… I would love to see your song performed as a duet… I think you know who I have in mind 🙂

    Miss you!

  4. Steph–hysterical!! That cracks me up! I am sending it to my mom…I already pointed her to your lovely blog before and she said she is gonna share it with her staff…haha!

    How did you make that song? Sean would love to know because he is very into that whole electronic music-making thing. He actually just bought a program for the computer so he can play around and make beats and he loves it. 🙂

    Christine (aka old married ex-librarian who wants to go back to it)

  5. stephanie said

    Thanks for the props, librarian friends! Christine, I’ll call you guys so I can talk to Sean about the electronic music-making thing. It can get kind of complicated to email about, but it’s darn fun!

  6. Lisa said

    You were so right!! It totally is YOU!!! You totally rock! I enjoyed it even more so the second time!

  7. Ann said

    Steph—that’s a hoot. I’m so glad you’re still writing songs. You’re the best!

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