Me: Texas’s Librarian Idol?

Hey folks!  Because you have nothing better to do (tongue planted firmly in cheek), hop on Save Half on Books’ website and vote for me, Texas’s Librarian Idol!  Note the huge, plastered-on smile—it’s meant to win you over!

This is what happened, how I ended up in this position of fame and glory.  At the Texas Library Association conference in San Antonio this year, I—an awkward, overwhelmed first-timer—was strolling through the exhibit halls, when  a coworker spotted this Librarian Idol contest and volunteered me as a contestant.  No, I didn’t get to belt out a tune in front of a roomful of librarians.  I did get to stand there like an idiot and have my picture taken.

The winner gets $1000 worth of books for their library.  So vote, and vote often (if you’ve got some extra time on your hands, of course…)



  1. Lisa said

    Okay I voted for you like ten times! I hope that helps. When do you find out who wins?

  2. stephanie said

    I think the deadline is September 15th…
    Thanks for the votes, Lisa!

  3. stephanie said

    I lost, but my kick-butt library director gave me $1000 from his own budget to spend on a collection of my choosing. My choosing? Young Adult reference, of which we practically have none!

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