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mad [information] scientist

There are so many better things I could be doing. But this insane work of art was my calling tonight.

Listen here, if you dare: mad [information] scientist

stephanie, the crazed keyboardist

(This song is also available for download on my music site at Soundclick.)


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Me: Texas’s Librarian Idol?

Hey folks!  Because you have nothing better to do (tongue planted firmly in cheek), hop on Save Half on Books’ website and vote for me, Texas’s Librarian Idol!  Note the huge, plastered-on smile—it’s meant to win you over!

This is what happened, how I ended up in this position of fame and glory.  At the Texas Library Association conference in San Antonio this year, I—an awkward, overwhelmed first-timer—was strolling through the exhibit halls, when  a coworker spotted this Librarian Idol contest and volunteered me as a contestant.  No, I didn’t get to belt out a tune in front of a roomful of librarians.  I did get to stand there like an idiot and have my picture taken.

The winner gets $1000 worth of books for their library.  So vote, and vote often (if you’ve got some extra time on your hands, of course…)

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Writing, writing, writing…

I have about 15 or so articles to write promoting the upcoming Frisco Storytelling Festival. I need a little break from writing. So, I’m writing on my blog…instead…? I’m beginning to think my logic is a bit faulty!

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Double Dose of Disney

Last night myself, my fiance, and my almost-nephew Chas parked ourselves on the couch to watch High School Musical 2. Chas (age 12) had already seen it two nights previous on opening day, but Ryan and I were catching it for the first time, and we were embarrassingly eager to do so. As poor Chas tried to sing along (in his defense, it was the sing-along edition with the lyrics displayed karaoke-style), Ryan shushed him several times in a manner usually reserved for staunch, old-school librarians. I guess we successfully squelched Chas’s childlike energy, because the next thing we knew, he had passed out. That left the two of us to enjoy the cheesy, contrived plot, overly produced songs, and kick-butt dance numbers in a distraction-free environment. Of course, by the end I was singing along myself (only to be told “sssshhhhh!” by my husband-to-be.)

Tonight we took Chas to see Ratatouille, and I was thrilled that this was the flick he chose to watch (it helped that we deemed Superbad and Knocked Up as inappropriate for a 12-year-old who’s not our own.) This movie not only made me salivate due to all the scrumptious food the characters prepared, but I laughed out loud throughout it and almost shed a few tears, as well. The CGI animation was absolutely incredible, the characters likable (and humorously detestable), and, though it was somewhat slow at times, the overall movie was extremely butt-kicking! I was afraid maybe the humor was too adult for Chas’s liking, but he said he enjoyed it and, when pressed for a grade by his crazy future-aunt (me!), he gave it a B.

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Grand March of the Librarians

This is great, but the original is even funnier!

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