Now I Can Eat, Sleep, and Breathe!

I just got back from throwing a humungoid Harry Potter party at the library. We’ve been preparing for weeks, and none of us knew quite what to expect. Would we get 50 kids? Hundreds? All said and done, we ended up with over 400 guests of all ages for the two hour party!

We used the entire children’s floor for the party, since we figured we wouldn’t be able to contain the whole thing in one room. Mastermind Lisa (with the help of some crafty volunteers) decorated the Children’s Program Room like a Quidditch Field, and we played an ongoing game of Harry Potter Scene It in there, up on the big screen. Out in the library, we set the ambiance with one of the Harry Potter movie soundtracks and created our own Diagon Alley. At Ollivander’s, kids made their own tasty magic wands out of pretzels, icing, and sprinkles. At Honeydukes, guests tasted Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans and guessed how many beans were in a jar (the winner took them home, of course!) At Dervish & Banges, kids created secret messages simply using paper, pencils, water, and some magic. We set up an area for the little ones at Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions, where they could dress up and color a magical creature. Finally, we had some of our student storytellers from our upcoming Frisco Storytelling Festival read the first chapter aloud in Hogwart’s Library.

Everyone eagerly entered our raffle; we gave out 5 copies of the new book (big shout out to Jennifer’s man Jerry for those!), plus 16 other cool Harry Potter related prizes we were able to scrounge up. We also awarded prizes to the three guests with the best costumes—though it was sure hard to choose!

We had our very own Hermione (Michelle from the adult staff, we salute you!) and a huge, walking (well, hobbling) Sorting Hat. Unfortunately, the chicken wire used in the costume gouged up the skin of the brave teen volunteers who wore it. I’m hoping I made it up to them (at least slightly) with the glow-in-the-dark Harry Potter posters I tried to buy their silence with.

So overall, things went exceptionally well! All of the staff and volunteers involved were amazing, and the guests were enthusiastic, polite, and so appreciative. But I won’t lie—I’m also happy it’s over. I can now eat, sleep, and breathe a little more calmly. Phew!

Photos hopefully to come…


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