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The Librarian Blues

Our teen Blues 101 clinic is tomorrow. My keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, amp, laptop, and Harmon Cardon speakers are at the back door and ready to be lugged in. Here’s the little tune I whipped up for the occasion [it’s only partially sarcastic]:

I woke up this mornin’
couldn’t get outta bed
when the boss-lady called me
I pretended I was dead
cause I got the blues
the librarian blues
my fingers smell like books
and I got that “librarian look”
yeah, I got the blues

I got mammas complainin’
there’s a cuss on page 3
they scoured the shelves
but there ain’t enough movies rated G
I got the blues
the librarian blues
all my books are overdue
the man’s got me wearing librarian shoes
yeah, I got the blues


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Me So Tired!

I love my job, but boy, am I exhausted! The Summer Reading Program will wear out even the most hard-core of librarians. I just finished hosting [along with kick-butt practicum student Ofilia and fellow librarian David—aka. Pola Baya] a Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero party for teens 12-18. We had 71 teens show up and hang out with each other for over 2 hours at the library. We’re breaking Frisco records here, people—maybe even world records!

Seriously, though, allow me to elucidate the changes we’re seeing this summer compared to last, mainly due to the awesome new facility we moved into last September. A mere two days into our 2007 SRP, we surpassed the total number of teens registered for the entire 2006 SRP. I have to double check, but I believe that as of this week we’ve tripled the number of last year’s teen registrants. Check out what we have scheduled for the young adults of Frisco here. Can’t wait to rock out on my keyboard next week for Blues 101!

I’m too wiped to even begin a discussion on the SRP for kids 18 months-5th grade. Let’s just say, we’ve been very, very, very busy. Very busy. Click here to see what we have in store for the little ones this summer.

Time to nestle in bed with Paul Zindel’s classic, The Pigman. Ahhh, books make me feel so good after a long day—even the sad ones!

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Enough Already

This is so sad. A public library in Pickens County (SC), has canceled its Summer Reading Program for teens due to accusations from the public that the programs condoned witchcraft. Read about it here.

I was already riled up after reading about Laura Mallory’s crusade against Harry Potter in Gwinnett County (GA). This is her fourth loss in court, but Mallory is on a mission, planning to bring her case before federal court. American Libraries reports

I must say, I’m dying to get my hands on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when it comes out on July 21 (we’re even throwing a Harry Potter Party at the library) and I can’t wait to see the new movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!

Strange, though—I haven’t yet learned how to cast a magic spell, even after devouring all those Harry Potter books and movies. Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to enjoy them for the stories they are!

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