Did you ever have one of those work projects that you just keep pushing aside and never quite find the time to deal with? I’ve been meaning to research digital camcorders to purchase for my library for months now, and somehow it always ends up at the end of my Outlook task list. I finally started delving into the research this morning, but was bombarded with way too much technical information that meant nothing to me. Who knew there were so many darn species of the camcorder?

Fortunately, my extremely kick butt coworker Adam told me about, a website featuring loads of free tech product reviews, news, and comparisons. I got sucked into this site for a few hours after work, and after checking out product ratings, watching video reviews by tech experts, and comparing breakdowns of prices and specs, I feel like much more of a camcorder expert than I did at the beginning of the day.

Librarians like myself could use CNET when tasked with purchasing gadgets for the library, and could also point gizmo-buying patrons to it as a helpful resource, along with Consumer Reports. I’m sure I’ll be returning for CNET’s helpful Tips and Tricks section of articles and videos—especially when the shooting and editing of my FAB group’s Blair Witch Parody gets underway at the end of the summer!


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  1. bjcook said

    Hey Steph!

    If you like the reviews, you should check out – crazy daily bargains on random tech gear. Hope you’re doing awesome!

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