E-mail: The New Snail Mail?

Here’s an interesting article from the Cape Cod Times. Is e-mail really becoming a thing of the past? According to teens–yep!

I shouldn’t be surprised, really. I’d say that at least 75% of the teens that visit my library’s teen room are there to use MySpace. The most entertaining is when they’re commenting and messaging the people sitting right next to, behind, and across from them–a common practice, interestingly enough. Go figure!

That would also explain why half of them never see the e-mails I send them, and this is exactly what prompted me to start fabnet, the Frisco Advisory Group’s blog.

I’m trying to keep up, really I am. But as someone who texts, blogs, and uses MySpace (my teens haven’t found me yet, and I’m trying to keep it that way!), I’d still have to say that I’m happiest with my trusty gmail account. Guess that makes me an old fogey after all!


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