$15 Million Donated to Free Library of Philadelphia

I’m always thrilled to hear of libraries getting money & support instead of getting it taken away, but I’m especially excited when that library is in Philadelphia, my all-time favorite city. [I know it’s unglamorous, but I can’t help it–I grew up across the river, just 10 minutes away from the City of Brotherly Love. I even earned my MLS there at Drexel University.] So when I heard the great news that the Free Library of Philadelphia was going to begin building a 180,000 sq. ft. annex at the Central Library in late 2008, my heart did a little dance of joy. Even better was that the 2 year, $175 million project will be made a little easier with the help of a generous $15 million grant, given by an anonymous private donor.

According to an article in American Libraries Online, “the annex will house a teen center, an internet center, extensive public meeting space, an auditorium, an atrium with retail stores, and more space for the library’s overflowing collections.” I have to say, after witnessing the city’s recent demolition of the perfectly decent Veterans Stadium in favor of the new [and very expensive] Citizens Bank Park and Lincoln Financial Field, it’s wonderful to see Philadelphia making a financial commitment to a different sort of attraction. Can’t wait to see the results!


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