“Sew U” is So My Speed

I finally spent the $25 Barnes & Noble gift card kindly bestowed upon me by my parentals this Christmas. I always have a hard time justifying book purchases since I spend 40+ hours a week in a library with countless free reads at my fingertips. However, I read a review of Wendy Mullin’s Sew U: The Built by Wendy Guide to Making Your own Wardrobe in my favorite mag, BUST, and at once I knew it had to be mine.

My indulging man bought me a sewing machine for my birthday back in November, after I decided I was going to be a true DIY domestigoddess who created my own skirts, curtains, purses—you name it. But the poor machine lay dormant throughout the winter, hibernating in its hideous flowery case, until emerging just 2 weeks ago when I picked up my very own copy of Sew U.

This handy, step-by-step guide, written by the founder of Built by Wendy, an edgy NYC-based clothing line, is the perfect companion for beginning sewers like myself. It’s filled with helpful tips and colorful illustrations—plus three basic patterns (skirt, pants, and button down shirt)—to get us novices through the daunting tasks of collecting the necessary supplies, threading the monster, sewing in a straight line, and negotiating those insane looking blueprints people refer to as “patterns.” What I especially love is the fact that Wendy encourages you to venture on from where she leaves off, offering advice on how to alter her basic designs to fit your own style and personal aesthetic.

Now that this book has finally given me the courage a)buy an ironing board, and b)hem my own curtains, I will soon be whipping up my own lopsided shirts, skirts, and pants. Hilarious photos will be posted!



  1. adrienne said

    I am sooo getting this book. I got a sewing machine a few years ago and have been trying to teach myself how to sew. I’ve made a few simple things — sock monkeys, curtains, lots of mending — but I’m still not terribly skilled. My goal is to be able to make some of my own clothes.

  2. stephanie said

    Yes! You absolutely should get this book! Sock monkeys? It sounds like you’re already a master sewer!

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